Year 2 – YEAR 6

Primary Years Programme

GEMS Wesgreen International Primary School offers a curriculum that is based on the National Curriculum for England (NCfE). The NCfE is internationally known for its academic rigor and excellence and its aims of developing well-rounded, competitive global citizens. Our curriculum is broad with a range of subjects including the Arts, Sciences and Humanities. In addition, we offer the UAE’s Moral Education curriculum which is an engaging curriculum designed to develop our students with universal moral principles and values.

Jillian Reilly 

Head of Primary School

Meet The Head of Primary School

A warm welcome to GEMS Wesgreen International Primary School. Our school takes great pride in ensuring that each students is nurtured in a way that helps them to reach their fullest potential.


About The Primary Curriculum

The focus of the NCfE is on the essential knowledge and skills every child should have. The NCfE is a very structured curriculum developed to meet the needs of all learners. The curriculum allows for teachers to challenge and stretch more able students while providing more scaffolded support to those who need it. At GEMS Wesgreen International School, we believe that each child can succeed, therefore we tailor our teaching practices with scientifically proven strategies, alongside differentiated teaching and learning activities. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you hold special events? 

    Our academic curriculum is further enriched through a number of events and special days. All children are encouraged to broaden their knowledge and skills by building on current talents by taking part in any or all of the below. 

    These include: 

    • Spelling Bee Arabic 
    • Spelling Bee English 
    • Weekly Class Assemblies 
    • Early morning line-up presentations  
    • Emirates Readers Cup Competition  
    • Inter-house Competition 
    • Cross-Country 
    • Poetry Competitions 
    • Writing Competitions 
    • Quran Recitation competitions 
    • Topic Days: Ancient Greece Day, Ancient Egyptians Day, Ancient Romans Day, Toy Day and Passport to the World Day 
    • Book Week 
    • Reading Day 
    • Character Day 
    • Fun Camp 
    • Earth Day 
    • International Day 
    • National Day 
    • Sport’s Day 
    • Production 
    • Field trips 
  • Do you provide Extra-Curricular Activities? 

    We deliver an extensive range of extra-curricular activities because we know that when combined with our academic curriculum, it develops well-rounded students. At GEMS Wesgreen International Primary School we not only offer extra-curricular activities, we encourage all students to take part. Participation in extra-curricular activities gives students the opportunity to: 

    • Learn new skills and develop existing ones further 
    • Expand their social network 
    • Explore new interests 
    • Develop higher self-esteem 
    • Develop higher confidence levels 
    • Take mental breaks from their academic 
    • Improve academic performance 
    • Develop a more positive attitude towards school 

    To support those that cannot take part in our after-school clubs, we build an extra-curricular activity into the school day which we call ‘Fun Activities’. During this lesson, children are allowed to pick an activity that they will do each week. Activities include: computing, yoga, Irish dancing, just dance, puzzles, hair braiding, knitting, football, dodge ball and many more. These lessons are ran by our specialists and classroom teachers. 

    After-school extra-curricular activities include: 

    • Football 
    • Dodgeball 
    • Gymnastics 
    • Swimming 
    • Little League 
    • Cricket 
    • Basketball 
    • Fun Games 
    • Choir 
    • Computing 

    Please note all of our clubs take place on site. 

  • What Pastoral Care Is In Place? 

    At GEMS Wesgreen International Primary School, we are very much a family. Our students are supported not only by their class teachers, but by Senior Leadership Team, middle leaders, teaching assistants and support staff. We are committed to the personal welfare of our students and work to provide a safe, happy and healthy learning environment every day.  

    House System 

    Each student belongs to a Sports House: Leopards, Falcons. Vipers and Scorpions. The colours of the Houses are Red, Green, Black and white and represent the colours of the UAE Flag. Students can collect points for their house which acts as a strong driving force behind our reward system. As well as good behaviour and attitude, our students can also receive points for sporting and artistic achievement; showing effort and tenacity in tasks, acts of kindness, and for uniform and appearance. Each House is led by a House Captain who motivates and leads the House Team. House events take place throughout the year and House meetings takes place termly where students can meet to reflect on past events and discuss future events.  

    Morals and Values 

    Each week we visit a value from our values tree in order to instill them deeper into the hearts of our students. Values include: honesty, integrity, please, thank you and greetings. 

    School assemblies are held weekly to promote morals and values, as well as, main areas of the curriculum. Head of School certificates are giving out at our assemblies in recognition of academic success, exemplary behavior, sporting and artistic achievement or for an act of kindness. Weekly star of the week certificates are given out by Heads of Years to promote the same. 

    Primary Student Council 

    Our Student Council is a body of elected student representatives, made up of a Head boy, Head girl, Assistant Head boy, Assistant Head girl, Senior Prefects, Prefects, House Captains, Assistant House Captains and Eco-Warriors.  These students represent our students’ voice in the school and influence the school’s development. The Student Council meet regularly to discuss matters like activities, sports, resources, timetables, and other matters of importance to students, and then represents the matters to the school’s Senior Leadership Team. 

    Our student leadership pathways encourage a sense of responsibility and the School Council is an important feature of Gems Wesgreen International Primary School. 

    Health, Safety & Security 

    At GEMS Wesgreen International Primary School we operate round-the-clock security measures including security guards and security cameras. Additionally, all our doors have access control which increases the protection that we provide to our students and staff. 

    Our campus has its own clinic with two full time nurses.  Our school doctor visits the school at various times each week. 



What Our Primary Teachers Say

  • One thing that will always stand out for me at Wesgreen is the supportive community of educational practitioners that the school maintains. Most of my practice knowledge and skills have come from WIS and that is simply because the school and my colleagues have taken time to invest in my professional development and help keep me motivated and inspired to continue on my venture in education. It is almost cliché to say but at WIS, we are a family."

    Adeline Moonsamy

  • As a class teacher, I have also been able to learn more about different teaching strategies from the many skilled teachers at our school which has added to my own professional development. The students and families continue to amaze me with their positivity, creativity, and determination. It is always uplifting when past students visit me at school to say hello and reminisce over their wonderful time spent in the Primary section."

    Amy Dillon

  • Wesgreen International School is not just a school or a place for learning, but a home in many ways. There is a rich bond between staff, parents and the students which unites us all. Not only are academic subjects taught but there is a large focus on having a holistic approach to education where we focus on developing children who are confident leaders, aspiring to follow their dreams and most importantly children who believe in themselves. I feel as a teacher, the school has inspired me to do the same."


  • At Wesgreen, I have learned to think on my feet and to always be open to new ideas and initiatives. I have learned that teamwork is a necessity to reach success. 
    Working with colleagues in Senior and Middle Management who are supportive and knowledgeable has made this position extremely worthwhile. I am thankful to be part of a School where change is at the order of the day because that is how we learn and progress in life."

    Deidre Vermeulen

  • At Wesgreen, teachers are constantly working together and sharing ideas to create exciting lessons and activities that suit the needs of their students. We are given opportunities to observe one another at work, and participate in open and reflective conversations about the effectiveness of lessons, activities and classroom practices. These collaborative measures underline the fact that learning is a life-long process, and create a supportive atmosphere wherein teachers, along with their students, can strive for excellence."

    Hannah Peterson

  • When I arrived 6 years ago, at the age of 52, my technological ability was almost nil. So much so, that I held my laptop upside down so I could read a document that showed the wrong way round. Today, I make voice over PowerPoints with ease, change documents from PDF to Word documents, do excel sheets and numerous other things. I still have a way to go, but I am not where I was. I have Wesgreen and all my wonderful colleagues to thank for helping me to grow through the years to who I am today."


  • Teachers at Wesgreen have a deep passion and understanding of the challenges and needs of the children. As a Primary team, we work collaboratively to ensure the very best education is provided using a child centered approach. In turn our children our children achieve their best and enjoy coming to school."

    Jusztina Letai

  • I feel honoured to work with such professional and positive people. Integrity is a very important value to me, and I feel right at home amongst the staff at Wesgreen. The staff here work together with gratitude to make sure students are getting the best quality of education and community. I feel like I've grown tremendously in my teaching career. I am not afraid to try new things because I know there is a family to fall back on and learn from."

    Sanober Adil

  • My time at Wesgreen has given me the opportunity to participate and engage in many different Professional Developments to improve myself and grow as a teacher. By incorporating these new ideas in my teaching, it not only improved my confidence but made me a better teacher and led me to accept the position of Curriculum Lead for Science in Grade 3. During the past few months, I have been enrolled in leadership training to equip myself with the capabilities and knowledge to become a better leader."

    Shireen Crotz

  • Throughout my stay at Wesgreen, I have had the opportunity to meet and share various best practices in the field of teaching. I have been exposed to many opportunities to further my studies and improve on my professional development through courses and PD seminars. I have achieved numerous accolades over the years and certificates of recognition awards both from Wesgreen and other institutions that Wesgreen has put me in contact with. I am glad to be a part of this team."

    Zulfah Adams

  • At Wesgreen International School you learn more about yourself. You learn to strengthen skills you already have but did not know of. You get to learn from your colleagues and share ideas. This allows us to build upon those ideas together as a team to create ideas that are even more powerful.  The success of any school depends on having a successful staff. I love the support that we get from our head of grade and senior management."

    Jerusha Soni

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