Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

2019 - 2020

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been part of the IGCSE/AS Level Program for 8 consecutive years at Wesgreen. This award is a highly recognized international program for young men and women that through its various components, develop and become equipped with the skills required to progress into adulthood. Students’ who have successfully met the criteria for completing the award have gained a memorable experience in the areas of volunteering, physical activity, the development of new personal skills and also embarking on an unforgettable ‘Adventurous Journey.’ 

The International Award itself has a huge cross curricular connection with many subjects that our students study at Wesgreen. Topics within Geography are reinforced through the Award’s adventurous journey ‘map reading skills.’ Connections are made to Sociology, where students learn about contributions to local communities and societies through their volunteering component. The ‘basic first aid training’ course that our students receive prior to embarking on their expedition is an example of where Science is directly linked. English language and ICT skills are also integrated for our students upon submitting their final presentations for award approval 

This year, our students learned an array of skills including: Linguistically – French & Spanish, Coding, Keyboard skills, and Musical Instruments. They have also given up countless hours of their own personal time to help out volunteering in Animal Welfare Shelters, an Old People’s Home, and the School Community. Participation in the International Award has enabled our students to push their personal boundaries, gain new skills and enhance their CVs and university applications. 

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