Local Advisory Board

The Local Advisory Board functions primarily as an advisory board and holds an important strategic role in overseeing the achievement of the school’s strategic aims and objectives.

The LAB will:

  • Understand and uphold the school’s and GEMS vision and values.
  • Monitor, advise and support the school on matters of strategy and policy.
  • Help monitor the school’s standards and performance.
  • Support the school and the principal and seek to provide wise counsel.

Local Advisory Board Members

Members are a group of experienced and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, who add a great deal to improve the school’s performance. Members are mindful of the role and responsibilities of the Principal, and understand and appreciate the relationship of GEMS (the company) to the school.

The LAB is not involved in financial matters, appointing staff, the day to day running of the school, admissions, individual issues or grievances, or any other matters which are the remit of GEMS or the school’s leadership.

 James Mcdonald  Local Advisory Board Member
 Janet Foley  Local Advisory Board Member
 Brian Irving  Local Advisory Board Member
 Jillian Reilly  Local Advisory Board Member
 Rahila Hussain  Local Advisory Board Member
 Shafeeqa Mohamad Shakeri  Local Advisory Board - Chairperson
 AmalJarjour  Local Advisory Board Member
 Sara Jalloul  Local Advisory Board - Vice Chairperson
 Huda Ali  Local Advisory Board Member
 Cecilia Saitoti  Local Advisory Board Member
 Inderjot Singh  Local Advisory Board Member

  • Sara brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to her role as Vice Chair for the Local Advisory Board at GEMS Wesgreen International School, Sharjah. With over 12 years' experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sara has held various managerial positions, spearheading successful product launches, fostering customer satisfaction, and achieving remarkable sales growth.

    Her proficiency extends to sales and marketing planning, team management, event coordination, and providing invaluable guidance to others. Sara's leadership has been instrumental in building highly motivated teams and ensuring the smooth execution of strategic initiatives.

    Beyond her professional endeavors, Sara is deeply committed to her family. As a devoted wife and mother of two, both of whom are enrolled in GEMS Wesgreen, Sara has firsthand experience of the school's transformative impact. Her children are thriving in an environment that not only offers exceptional education but also prioritizes character development and self-esteem enhancement.

    Sara's dedication to excellence, coupled with her passion for education and community engagement, makes her a valued member of the School's Local Advisory Board. Her insights, guidance, and unwavering commitment contribute to the continuous improvement and success of GEMS Wesgreen International School, Sharjah.

    Vice Chairperson Sarah Jallouol 

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