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GEMS Wesgreen International School offers the Cambridge International Curriculum from Grade 6 (Year 7) to Grade 12 (Year 13). The Cambridge Curriculum prepares students for lifelong learning, gives them a strong foundation and the skills necessary for the wider world. In Lower Secondary (Grades 6 to 8) students are given the building blocks in order to progress confidently onto the IGCSE Programme of Study.

Brian Irving

Executive Head of Secondary


At Wesgreen Secondary School, we believe in providing a purposeful and worthwhile learning experience to all our students through following a holistic approach to teaching. The Secondary School follows the Cambridge Pathway of Education for Grades 5 to 12...


About Secondary School

The IGCSE programme is delivered over 2 years; Year 10 and Year 11 and we are proud to currently offer 19 IGCSE subjects. This year we are following the Edexcel (Pearson) syllabus for Maths, English and Science IGCSE. All other subjects’ syllabi are from Cambridge CIE Education.

Students then start studying for the Advanced Subsidiary AS Level in Year 12 and the Advanced Level Subject (A Level) in Year 13. Additional subjects include the mandatory Ministry of Education subjects; Arabic and Islamic Studies. Islamic Studies is compulsory for all Muslim students. Arabic for Non-Arabs is compulsory until Year 10. In addition, we have we have Moral Education to develop students’ understanding of people from different nationalities and UAE values and principles. Apart from academic subjects we offer a range of extra-curricular activities, ranging from Trips, Sports and Fun Camps. Year 12 and 13 have the opportunity to the Duke of Edinburgh Award enhancing their social and practical skills.


What Our Teachers Say

What Our Students Say

  • After spending more than a decade in Wesgreen's enriching and diverse environment, I often reflect on how the school's dynamics have shaped me into a more independent person. The friends and mentors I have met along the way have made me realise how much I value and continue to appreciate their captivating insights and advice. The skills and experiences I have learned at Wesgreen have taught me to pursue my interests and seize opportunities, regardless of how difficult the road ahead may initially seem. It's safe to say that the end of my school years is bittersweet. Although I'm eager to explore the next chapter in my life, it goes without saying that Wesgreen has truly been an unforgettable part of my life that I'll continue to cherish for years to come.

    Elviya Saeid

    Head Girl 2019-20

  • I am not part of Wesgreen School; I am part of the Wesgreen family. I have grown tremendously over the past 12 years in character, academics, and social skills due to the supportive and diverse environment that any child would dream of. Wesgreen is my second home, my support system, and my forever favorite nourishing environment. I cherish every moment I have spent in Wesgreen; it has decorated a flowering path to ensure my success in career, personal decisions, and understanding of this forever changing world.

    Mariaum Farooq

    Deputy Head Girl 2019 -20

  • Wesgreen has taught us how to be selfless as the word "I" turns to "us" when it comes to our studies, events, and achievements. We were taught everything we love, from how to create a business from the ground up to how compounds and chemicals are all around us.

    Mera Jarrar

  • Wesgreen taught me how to be independent, the value of building my skills, and the importance of knowing how to rely on them. It gave me the freedom to create opportunities for myself and my fellow students, which enabled me to know that I can always aim for more and work towards any goal I choose to pursue.

    Suha Omar

  • Wesgreen has been the backdrop to the most pivotal experiences of the most formative years of my young adult life. The people here have been an unending source of inspiration for me, whether it be the dazzling achievements of my classmates and their quirky sense of humor or the voices of my teachers who see possibility and potential in me and, like lighthouses in the dark, show me how to see it too. School is always like home — you may move out (class of 2019, woohoo!), you may go far, but you're always, in some sense, home.

    Manal Nadeem

    Grade 13

  • Wesgreen was a great place to enhance my personality, make new friends, meet new people and have many opportunities I couldn’t have imagined having anywhere else. It was a lovely experience for these past years, and I will be missing all my teachers and the overall environment. Nevertheless, it has left me with many unforgettable memories!

    Rana Khaled

  • My name is Sara Elhoussaini and I have been in Wesgreen for about 10 years. my experience in the school made me the person I am today. Wesgreen taught me important characteristics, factors and attitudes that contribute well in life. Wesgreen taught me punctuality, respect, and independence. Wesgreen taught me the value of teamwork, consistency and how to manage your time. I am forever grateful that I studied and graduated from Wesgreen because although it was a challenge in some educational respects, it taught me to constantly fight through obstacles and not give up whenever I don’t reach a specific goal. Wesgreen teaches its students what needs to be taught, it taught and addressed students about real-life problems and how to deal with them. I can proudly say that Wesgreen will always be held in high regards for me especially after a decade, it was my second home and always will be.

    Sara Elhoussaini

  • Studying at Wesgreen international school has given me a lot of good moments but my best moments were in my senior grade where all of us classmates would hang out together, share our memories and our experiences. The moments where we would start talking personally with the teacher and everyone would be chill. This school has given me the experience to be myself and to challenge myself from the core, which I am forever grateful for. Thank you Wesgreen for an amazing time.

    Umaima Rao

  • Wesgreen International School was a safe place that allowed me to grow and connect with others. It digs out the potential in their students and greatly amplifies them, by giving us positions and important roles within the school system. It has given me opportunities that I would not have gotten otherwise. The responsibilities given to us as students as well as the varied extra-curricular activities it provides is what sets this school apart.

    Shahd Alali

  • A good education is like a coral reef. It protects the boundaries of the system it exists in by creating what the future social needs. Just like a coral reef, a good education is hard to find and preserve. However, Wesgreen is a school that supplied me with a high-quality education and provided me with a great foundation to perform outstandingly in my future career. From the enthusiastic teachers, hardworking staff, and amazing friends, I have made some of the best memories of my life in Wesgreen. It also gave me a great platform for a diverse range of extracurricular activities that allowed me to develop and harness many skills. Overall, my experience in Wesgreen taught me how to think, not what to think and that kind of mental independence is difficult to find nowadays.

    Romila Emran

  • My experience at Wesgreen was amazing, as it was a place where I could figure out my future and the path I needed to take in life. It was a fun place where my friends and I had a lot of fun, especially this year. We will surely miss Wesgreen.

    Sumayya Khurram

  • Studying at Wesgreen International School was a long and crazy journey that I am grateful to have been a part of. Wesgreen has given me some of my best memories with the most incredible people I have ever met. The shenanigans we had in the common room with all my friends, classes with our favorite teachers, and all the fun days Wesgreen offered us will be forever missed. I am truly thankful to Wesgreen for giving us the space to find ourselves, learn new things, and grow together.

    Zahraa Patel

  • My ten years at Wesgreen have taught me so many lessons, one of which is patience. When I joined in Grade 2, I remember being a shy little girl struggling to make friends and communicate with my peers. I can now confidently say that those days are behind me. My love for science has always motivated me to study harder, even when it was tough, but that's just life. My friends and family were my pillars, and I will cherish my time at Wesgreen.

    Ayzah Asad

  • I grew up hearing the proverb 'school is your second home,' and once I was enrolled in Wesgreen International School, that phrase became a reality. Wesgreen served as a second home, an educational institute, and my happy place - a place where I was surrounded by teachers and students who encouraged and supported me through thick and thin. Wesgreen has taught me two valuable lessons: to always strive for success and perfection and that ambition is the key to triumph. Thank you for the dedication put into every little activity, thank you for always going the extra mile, and thank you for making me the person I am today.

    Maab Hafiz

  • I have so many things to thank Wesgreen for. Wesgreen has provided me with different opportunities and experiences that have allowed me to grow as a person and as a student. There was never a dull day at Wesgreen. I met the best people at school - people I would call my friends for life - and teachers who have taught me such important life lessons. The unforgettable memories I have made here are ones I’ll cherish forever.

    Zenia Jawwad

  • Wesgreen has allowed me the opportunity to grow and develop as a person, a friend, and overall, a human being. I have learned respect, honor, and compassion. I feel I have become a part of a family after all my years at this school. Our whole grade has been a crazy batch of fun-loving people who care about each other. We have had our ups and downs, from cramming for tests to ordering food and making TikToks. Our greatest accomplishment was WISMUN. We spent endless hours, and in the end, it was very successful. It gave us experience in the real world and allowed us to work together in a more professional sense. Overall, Wesgreen inspires students and creates students who are determined to be happy and successful.

    Imaan Patel

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