My Journey

Leeba George, Head of Secondary Mathematics

I have always considered that a teacher’s journey is one of adventure, filled with constant learning and discovery. My journey with Wesgreen International School started in 2006 and has been nothing but an exciting adventure of exploration, making connections, sharing, and learning. I have been fortunate enough to develop as an educator, and most importantly, as a learner, alongside my colleagues and students as we watch the school grow and advance. Each day has been, and continues to be, different as we interact with each of our unique students. It has been rewarding to encounter new students at Wesgreen and help them develop holistically as members of the worldwide community. Wesgreen is a wonderful community and I take great delight in the interactions I have with my students, colleagues, Senior Leaders and our immensely caring parents and guardians. That is what makes Wesgreen my home away from home.

Next Steps