Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you have expat teachers working at the school? 

    We have a mix of international staff members from a number of different countries around the world.  All of them are highly qualified in their subject specialist areas and all Key Stage 4 and 5 teachers have good IGCSE and A Level teaching experience.  

  • What are the timings for the Secondary Schools?  

    7.30 am to 3:10 pm Monday to Thursday

  • When do IGCSEs take place? 

    IGCSEs take place in Year 11 and Year 12 during the third term of the academic year

  • When do students choose their IGCSE subjects? 

    Towards the end of Year 9, students will get to choose the subjects that they would like to take for their IGCSEs. 

  • Do I need an appointment to visit the school? 

    Yes, in order to have a tour of the school, an appointment must be scheduled beforehand. 

  • What are the nationalities of the students? 

    In a diverse school setting with staff representing over thirty-seven nationalities and students coming from more than sixty countries, growing internationalism simply cannot go unacknowledged. Diversity is tangible within the more than 3430 students and over 490 staff members. This diversity ensures a truly international experience for our students, who are immersed in the learning processes through a rich repertoire of ideas and experiences for the enrichment of the mind and body. Whilst intercultural mindedness is fostered, we strongly support the values, traditions, and culture of the UAE too. Our Emirati students form the largest student population in the school which is 38% at present.   

  • How does the school perform in IGSCE results? 

    The school has constantly achieved high IGCSE results and has performed above the UK and international averages. 

  • Do students have to wear a uniform? 

    The school takes great pride in student appearance and all students are expected to come to school wearing the correct uniform.  

  • Does the school offer extra-curricular activities? 

    The school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. After school sports activities are offered alongside educational activities. 

  • Does the school provide meals for students? 

    The school has a wide range of hot and cold meals provided by the food company SLICES. 

  • Can my child bring in a trolley bag?  

    For reasons of health and safety and practicality, trolley bags are not allowed at Wesgreen International School. All Students are provided with a 'Locker' to store their belongings during the school day. 

  • Which subjects are offered for IGCSE? 

    The subjects that students may choose for their IGCSEs are the following: 

    • English Language 
    • Mathematics 
    • Biology 
    • Physics 
    • Chemistry 
    • History 
    • Geography 
    • English Literature 
    • Business Studies 
    • Environmental Management 
    • Physical Education 
    • French 
    • Accounting  
    • Sociology 
    • ICT 
    • Economics 
    • Art  
    • Computer Science 


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