TES Award Winner of the Year 2024

WGP wins TES Student Mental Health Initiative of the Year!

GEMS Wesgreen International School – Sharjah has proudly clinched the prestigious TES Student Mental Health Initiative of the Year award for its pioneering efforts in promoting student wellbeing.

Since 2021, our school has been at the forefront of the Teen Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) programme. This initiative empowers students with vital training to identify peers facing difficulties and equips them with the skills to act as informal first responders. By intervening effectively and recognising signs of mental distress, students play a pivotal role in fostering positive mental health within our school community.

As a result, we've witnessed a significant decrease in bullying incidents and a notable increase in students' confidence to seek support and intervene during moments of distress. 

Ruth Sanderson, a distinguished judge of the TES Awards, praised the programme's impact, affirming, "The effectiveness of the program implemented at GEMS Wesgreen International School is evident in its empowerment of students to actively intervene in moments of distress and its significant role in reducing bullying."

Let's come together and celebrate our empathetic student leaders! Today, Tomorrow, Together...

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