Course Outline

Term 1

Unit 1

Number: Recognize numbers to 100.

Addition and Subtraction: Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20

Geometry: Properties of 2D shapes

Unit 2

Number: Recognize numbers that are 10x larger.

Addition and subtraction: Add and subtract 1-digit number from multiple of 10.

Measurement: length and height

Unit 3

Multiplication and division: 2 and 5 x table. Introduce ÷ sign.

Geometry: Recognizing patterns and introduction to points on a compass (N,E,S,W)

Unit 4

Multiplication and division: 10 X tables

Fractions: Recognizing ½, ¼. ¾

Time: O’clock, half past, quarter to and past.

Unit 5

Number and Place value: Count on in steps of 3, comparing numbers.

Addition and subtraction: Add and subtract 2-digits from 1-digit.  (incl money problems)

Properties of shape: 3D shapes

Term 2

Unit 6

Multiplication and division: 2,5 & 10 x tables

Multiplication and division: ÷ multiples of 5

Measurement: Mass

Unit 7

Addition and subtraction: Add and subtract multiple of 10 to/from a 2-digit number.

Addition and subtraction Add and subtract near multiple of 10 to/from a 2-digit number (money).

Statistics: Sorting objects using a Venn and Carroll diagram

Unit 8

Multiplication and division: 2, 5 and 10 multiples. Odd and even numbers 

Fractions: Finding ½ / ¼ of shapes and number.

Measurement: volume and capacity

Unit 9

Number and Place value: Counting in 3’s and 4’s. Place value of two digit numbers.

Addition and subtraction: Two 2-digit numbers

Geometry – Position and direction.

Term 3

Unit 10

Multiplication and division: Doubling and halving

Multiplication and division: x and ÷ 2, 5, 10

Measurement: Temperature

Unit 11

Addition and subtraction: + and – two 2-digit numbers.

Addition and subtraction: Formal written methods

Statistics: Pictograms and Block diagrams

Unit 12

Multiplication and division: Word problems-2, 5 and 10.

Fractions: Compare fractions, Find fractions of shapes and amounts.

Time: To the nearest 5 minutes


  • Rising Star Audio Mental Math
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 2A
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 2B
  • Collins Busy Ants Pupil Book 2C

Assessments: Break down of 100% mark

The final grade for the course will be calculated based on:

Multiple forms of formal and informal assessments will be used to gain knowledge about a student’s level of understanding. Assessments will be in the form of Mental Math, End of Unit Evaluations, Times Table Quiz, Problem Solving- (group task/written task) and Formal Assessments. All formal test dates will be posted on the communicator.

Next Steps