Student Clubs

The “Clubs” that Wesgreen offers in the secondary school give our older students a chance to own, promote and run a club that interests them. This added responsibility allows them to plan and deliver sessions, organize activities for their peers and show great leadership skills. All of which look fantastic on a University application. Not only does this give out older student’s responsibility, it allows all our students a chance to experience a number of topics outside of the curriculum to spark interests they never knew they had.  

The following clubs are offered in the Boys and Girls Sections: 


The Journalism club allows students to learn how to write articles about various events, be they global or within our school community. Highlighting that journalism can be done alongside many interesting topics. 


The Drama club gives students the chance to build on their self-confidence and public speaking skills. This all comes together with our school plays that give the students a chance to show their acting ability. 


The STEAM club gives our students the chance to experiment with different ideas and concepts. The innovation that comes from this is showcased in our annual STEAM fair.  


The Environmental club gives our students the chance to highlight how we are damaging the environment and also gives the opportunity for whole school campaigns to protect it.  


The Digital club allows our students to understand and improve their online skills preparing them for the modern workplace.  

Debates & TEDx 

The debates and TEDx club give our students some excellent experience in public speaking and debating skills. This is tested through our school debates that are judged by our Headmaster and external judges.  


The sports club gives our students that chance to experience curriculum sports in a fun and competitive way. It also gives our sports leaders the chance to experience some coaching and refereeing skills. 

Model United Nations 

The MUN club is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. 

Helpers Society 

The Helpers Society gives our students the chance to come up with exciting and interesting ways to run charitable events. These events build to the students delivering food parcels to many underprivileged people within the wider community.  

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