Secondary Student Leadership

Student Leadership opportunities at GEMS Wesgreen

We strive to include our students in the day to day running of our school. Practical pupil participation is at the core of our Student Leadership programmes. Currently, we boast four major areas where our students can develop and refine their leadership potential.

The Prefect System

Each year a select group of students, after a rigorous selection and interview process, are chosen as the leaders of our student body. At a young age they are identified as somebody with leadership qualities and possess the attributes to make a positive impact on our school community. The school enhances these students’ leadership skills through workshops and key development days during the course of the academic year. The Head Boy & Head Girl of the school overlook the hierarchy of the prefect system.  

Attributes usually found in our Prefects at Wesgreen are…

  • Dependability
  • Initiative
  • Positivity
  • Prefects are a layer between our staff and students...
  • They liaise with the Student Council.
  • They work alongside staff giving practical help with the running of the school.
  • They help teachers to operate lunchtime initiatives.
  • They are role models for younger students in the school.

The Student Council

Wesgreen upholds a strong tradition of an active and energetic Student Council team. The Student Council endeavors to improve the daily lives of students, in the spirit of co-operative partnership with school management.

The Student Council in our school is a representative structure, which is composed of elected students from across all of the student body. The work of the Council is guided and directed by the Head Boy & Head Girl along with our Head of Schools. 

The aims and responsibilities of the Student Council are…

  • To improve and enhance student life and to encourage all students to take an active role in the school community.
  • To liaise effectively with the student body, the staff and the school management to promote and maintain a safe, positive and healthy school environment. 
  • To establish a positive link with the Prefects and to work effective together.
  • To provide a forum to allow students to raise realistic concerns to improve the school.
  • To increase our relationship with the local community through charitable events for worthy causes.

The Peer Mentor Programme

This initiative aims to ensure the students who are new or who struggle socially or academically are not left out of fall behind their peers. This programme helps students feel included and provides the reassurance that a peer or ‘peer mentor’ will always look out for them. 

Students volunteer for consideration and are interviewed to assess their suitability for the project. Throughout the year they work closely with Form Tutors and the Heads of Years, they are responsible and helpful to students who need support. This is an opportunity to become involved in a project that has the potential to help others in a real and practical way.

Peer Mentors benefit from the development of the following…

  • Leadership skills
  • Personal and social skills
  • Social awareness & responsibility
  • Listening and communication skills

Student leadership in Wesgreen’s House System

Through our House system, Wesgreen recognizes and encourages the extra-curricular aspects of school life for our students. We understand that we have young leaders, who can inspire others in a range of areas outside the general classroom. With the ‘House System’ having a key focus on extra-curricular activities, we award House Captain & Vice-House Captain roles to the strongest candidates who can lead their respective houses. There are four separate houses in Wesgreen: The Falcons, The Leopards, The Scorpions & The Vipers. 

House & Vice-House Captains would typically…

  • Be advanced in the areas of PE and be a team player.
  • Have strong interpersonal & motivational skills.
  • Be encouraging, dedicated and supportive to others in their house.

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