Primary Student Leadership

At Wesgreen International School, student leadership is about our students taking the lead to guide and inspire one another so that they work together to achieve our school aims.  

Being a part of our student leadership is a unique experience as it helps students to learn the art of building relationships, working collaboratively, problem solving and effective communication.  


At Wesgreen Primary, we have the following Student Leadership Positions:

  • Head Boy/Girl 
  • Deputy Head Boy/Girl  
  • Two Senior Prefects
  • A group of Prefects,  
  • Four House Captains and Assistant House Captains 
  • A group of Eco-Warriors  

Interview Process 

Recommendations for positions of responsibilities are made by Grade 3 Teachers, Year Heads and the Head of School. 

All candidates deemed to be ideal for their respective roles are interviewed by the Head of School and Head of Year. The purpose of the interview is to ensure that each child is given a fair chance to discuss why they would like to be in a position of responsibility and what contributions they would like to bring to their school community. 

Students Leadership Positions are finalized by the Head of School and Head Master. Successful candidates are announced and celebrated in a special Student Leadership assembly. 


The role of Prefects are that of leadership and responsibility. Prefects are expected to lead by example, monitoring the behaviour of their peers and supporting teachers, as well as students in lower grades. 

Our House Captains and their Assistants carry out the duties of prefects, and are also the visible mascots of our school’s Houses: Leopards, Scorpions, Falcons and Vipers. They lead their houses during various sporting activities and offer support during Sports’ Days. 

Eco warriors are responsible children who have a vital role to play in saving energy and creating an environment that is considerate towards the planet. They are children who like to find innovative opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

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