Surita Burman

Head of Secondary Girls 

Surita joined Wesgreen International School in 2008 and spent 11 years as an Educator of Science; 5 years as an Assistant Head of School and is currently the Head of the Girls' School. She had completed her B/Eng. in Electronics and Engineering at Liverpool John Moore's University, UK, and thereafter earned a PGCE in Secondary Physics at Edgehill University in Ormskirk. After working in an established all-boys School in Liverpool, she decided to move abroad and was particularly keen to venture out to the Middle East.

Being part of a large family, Surita regarded these values very highly, and therefore, teamwork was the most important aspect of her work. She took great pride in being an established member of the Wesgreen Community, with a goal to improve teaching and learning and to maintain a positive and welcoming environment at the school.

Next Steps