Fiona Daly

Executive Head of Teaching & Learning 

Fiona joined GEMS Wesgreen International School with 19 years of teaching experience. Thirteen of those years were served in educational leadership. She had held the following posts prior to joining our school: Head of English (Secondary), Head of Prep School English, Deputy Head, and her most recent position was Head of Senior School. She had spent the majority of her career working in the UK and then moved overseas in 2020.

Fiona had achieved her MA (hons) in English Literature and History of Art from the University of Aberdeen, a PGDip in Human Resource Management from the Robert Gordon University, and a PGDE in Secondary Teaching (English) from the University of Aberdeen. She was passionate about education and improving outcomes for learners. Fiona believed that the correct ethos, environment, and experiences could afford young people the opportunity to stretch beyond their own ambition or mindset. She was also of the view that meaningful progress in academic pursuits could only take place when there were coordinated and collaborative structures in place that allowed students to self-evaluate and enhance their soft skills.

Fiona valued hard work, ambition, kindness, resilience, and determination and sought to model the behavior she expected from others. She recognised that no two people were the same, and she was motivated by a desire to assist each of them in their journey. Here at Wesgreen International School, Fiona looks forward to collaborating with the team to ensure that they prepared young people for a future that would demand confidence, intellectual curiosity, creativity, an ability to adapt and cope with new and unfamiliar people and environments, strategic thinking, and the skills required to take calculated risks.

Next Steps