Dara Devereux

Head of Secondary Boys 

Dara joined GEMS Wesgreen International School in 2015. From an early age, he recognised the profound impact that education had on individuals and society. Fueled by a deep passion for empowering young minds, he embarked on a path to become a secondary school teacher. He completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Geography & History, followed by a Master of Arts Degree in Military History & Strategic Studies, and subsequently obtained a Professional Diploma in Education, equivalent to a PGCE.

After his qualifications, he began his teaching career at his local secondary school, where he returned as an alumnus and a newly qualified teacher. After three years of teaching Geography & History and developing well-rounded pedagogic practices in Ireland, he expanded his horizons and journeyed to the UAE. He dedicated his adult life to creating an educational environment that nurtured the holistic growth and academic excellence of every student under his guidance. As he reflected on his journey as a teacher and as a school leader, he believed that he was driven by a resolute commitment to transforming education through a progressive and student-centered philosophy.

He thoroughly enjoyed fostering positive relationships with students, parents, teachers, and staff, and he aimed to promote an environment of trust, respect, and communication. He believed in the power of collaboration and shared decision-making to drive positive change and create an educational ecosystem that supported every member of the school community. Stemming from his love of humanities, travel, and sports, he valued holistic development through co and extra-curricular activities. It gave him great joy to see his students reaching their true potential, and they left his care equipped with the confidence and resilience to navigate the challenges and complexities of the modern world.

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