Dara Devereux

Deputy Head, Secondary Boys

Prior to joining Wesgreen International School in 2015, I commenced my educational journey by completing a BA in Geography & History, an MA in Military History & Strategic Studies, and a Professional Diploma in Education.

I began my teaching career at my local secondary school, returning as an alumni newly qualified teacher. After three years of teaching geography & history and developing well-rounded pedagogic practices in Ireland, I expanded my horizons and journeyed to the UAE. This academic year marks my 5th year at Wesgreen.

Stemming from my love of humanities, travel, and sports, I value holistic development through co and extra-curricular activities and take great joy in seeing students reach their true potential. As the Assistant Head of the Secondary Boys’ School, I cherish the positive relationships I have with the students and colleagues and embed a hardworking ethos with strong elements of respect, humour, and compassion.

Next Steps

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