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At Wesgreen, our aim is to provide our students with a first-class education and the best teaching and learning environment in which we aim to ensure that each student achieves their optimum potential academically, physically, emotionally and socially. 

Why Wesgreen?

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Introducing our Principal/CEO
Mr James McDonald

An accomplished leader of schools in the UK and internationally, James has extensive experience of raising standards across both primary and secondary sections, while creating a rich, productive, happy and successful environment for all members of the school community.

  • Early Years

    The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) contains the Early Years Learning Goals for KG1.

  • Primary School

    Wesgreen Primary School offers a curriculum that is based on the National Curriculum for England (NCfE).

  • Secondary Girls

    Wesgreen offers the Cambridge International Curriculum from Grade 6 (Year 7) to Grade 12 (Year 13).

  • Secondary Boys

    Wesgreen offers the Cambridge International Curriculum from Grade 6 (Year 7) to Grade 12 (Year 13).


Hear What our Parents Have to Say

  • I am a parent of two girls, one of which graduated in 2018. I’ve been with this school as a parent since 2004 and during all these years I have come to realize that the school is very organized and disciplined as they take good care of both students and parents in all aspects, especially connectivity. This school also has a high standard of education and that reflects in my daughters’ work ethics. I am also very happy with their extracurricular activities as it gives students a chance to do things that may be out of their comfort zone, while also teaching them valuable lessons. Wesgreen is a school I would definitely recommend to parents looking for a worthwhile education"

    Ms. Hadeel Al Hussary

    Mother of Talah Mohamed Waiel Al Astwani, Gr.10GW

  • My son Mayed Al Ali has always been passionate about learning, and this has been evident since his early years when he began learning phonics, maths, and educational songs in nursery school. However, his knowledge and skills have significantly developed in Year 2 at Wesgreen, as he has become more aware of the world around him and the importance of the information he receives in school.

    Maths is one of the subjects that has greatly benefited Mayed’s understanding of the world. By studying currency and the price of goods in the supermarket, he is now able to compare different products and offer his opinion on whether or not to purchase them. This practical knowledge has helped him make more informed decisions in his daily life.

    Mayed's reading skills have also seen remarkable development thanks to the weekly words given to students and supported by online games, such as the Ed-Shed programme. The use of online stories has also proven to be a smart and supportive way of teaching. He also borrows stories and books from the school library and reads them over the weekend.

    Of course, there have been challenges in the educational process, but we are grateful for the efforts of the school's teachers and staff. They have been constantly present and provided additional educational resources tailored to Mayed's needs. Being a part of the Wesgreen community has brought us great joy, and we wish the school all the best.

    Muna Alhammadi

    Mother of Year 2 student Mayed

  • As a parent of four children who finished their high school degree from Wesgreen, I would say that when it comes to the heart of it, personal development and education are the two core values that make a school great... in essence. Wesgreen has been able to develop all my children into the credible people they are today, with knowledge, understanding and moral value that separate them from the rest. Simply, the complex cortex of the "Wesgreen formula" is the perfect equation to building young individuals."

    Dr. Reyad Al Khazali

    Father of Ahmad Reyad Mohammad Al Khazali, Gr. 12BI

  • Through school curriculum student’s character is developed. I can very well see the mental growth of my kids. Through different activities done within the school, I have observed an overall personality development in my kids. Thank you for your kind efforts to improve my sons & thank you for giving my sons such brilliant environment for growth. We are proud to be a part of Wesgreen family. "

    Dr. Mazen Melhem

    Father of Kareem Mazen Grade 11Bs & Talah Mazen Grade 5GQ

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