From Wesgreen to a Leader in Financial Services

Meraal Gondal

How many years did you attend Wesgreen?  

I attended Wesgreen from grade 2 till grade 11. I loved my time at Wesgreen, I was the first head girl in primary school, lead the Drama and Debata club and was Senior Prefect in grade 11.  

Where did you go to university?  

I went to the University of Manchester in the UK and studied Psychology which I thoroughly enjoyed!  

What are you doing now?  

After I graduated university, I got accepted on to a Global Leadership Program, at a large financial institution. I had the opportunity to work and lead teams in Norwich, London (UK) and Toronto, Canada. 

I am currently a Product Manager looking at developing new investment products.  

What was your biggest take away from Wesgreen?  

Wesgreen instilled a hard work ethic which is something that has helped me throughout my career. I also learnt the value of friendship as I still keep in touch with many friends from school. 

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