Course Outline

Term 1

Week 1-3

Unit 1

Number- Number and Place Value

Number- Addition and Subtraction

Geometry- Property of Shapes

Week 4-6

Unit 2

Number- Multiplication and division

Number- Fractions

Geometry- Positions and Direction

Week 7-9

Unit 3

Number- Addition and Subtraction

Number- Decimals

Measurement- Length

Week 10-12

Unit 4

Number- Multiplication and Division

Number- Fractions (including decimals and percentages)

Measurement- Time

Week 13-15

Unit 5

Number- addition, subtraction, multiplication and division including number and place value


Geometry- Property of shapes

Term 2

Week 1-3

Unit 6

Number-Multiplication and division


Measurement- Length

Week 4-6

Unit 7

Number- Decimals

Number- Addition and subtraction


Week 7-9

Unit 8

Number-Multiplication and division

Measurement-Perimeter and area

*Measurement- Time (Recap not in book)

Week 10-12

Unit 9

Number-Number and place value

Geometry-Properties of shapes

Term 3

Week 1-3

Unit 10

Number- Multiplication and division (incl decimals)

Number- Fractions

Measurement- Volume and capacity

Week 4-5

Unit 11/12

Ratio and Proportion

Geometry- Position and Direction

Week 6-7

Unit 12

Number- Multiplication and Division including Decimals.

Number- Fractions including Decimals and Percentages


Week 8

Revision Week


  • Collins Busy Ants Maths Year 5 Activity Book6A
  • Collins Busy Ants Maths Year 5 Activity Book6B
  • Collins Busy Ants Maths Year 5 Activity Book6C

Maths Assessments:

The Final Grade for the course will be calculated based on:

Class work- 30%

Mental Math- 5%

Assessments- 15%

Exam/Evaluation- 50%

Multiple forms of assessments, both formal and informal, will be used to gain knowledge about a student’s level of understanding. Assessments will be in the form of assignments, projects, quizzes (announced or unannounced), observations, group work, homework, class work, participation, tests and exams. All formal test dates will be posted on the communicator. First, second and third terms.

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