Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

The Wesgreen International School STEAM Event is one of the Iconic events on the academic calendar. It is a unique way to encourage our students (grades 5-12) to pose questions for which they must seek out answers and to satisfy their own curiosity about the world around them. 

A science fair project can be an experiment, a demonstration, a research effort, a collection of scientific items, or a display of scientific apparatus presented for viewing.  

It represents the efforts of a student's investigation into some area of interest and provides a way for the student to share the results of those investigations; through the development of a science fair project, students gain a first-hand appreciation of the work of scientists and the value of their discoveries.  

Science fair projects consist of three essential components:  

  • The display unit 
  • The exhibit materials  
  • The written report 

Together, these elements present a complete and thorough examination of an area of interest, a collection of new knowledge, or the results of a self-initiated experiment. 

Students present their findings and overall project layout to a group of external judges where certificates and prizes are given for the best projects in each of the year group categories. 


Photos of Our STEAM Fairs

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