Welcome to Secondary Boys School

Welcome to the Secondary Boys’ Campus where we aim to provide a safe learning environment where everyone is valued and all staff, in partnership with parents, are committed to doing what it takes for students to achieve academic success, guided by the vision of Wesgreen. It is upon us to ensure students are empowered to become young successful adults who meet future challenges and develop social awareness, civic responsibility, so they are active and informed participants in the global community. Our duty is to build strong, positive connections with students so they can achieve in all areas. Students at Wesgreen are given the opportunity, confidence, and academic knowledge to reach their full potential. 

Our students learn in a variety of ways and are encouraged to try their best and participate fully in all areas of learning throughout the course of their school years. The Secondary School ensures a personal learning structure is created for every single student and individual goals are being reached. Students in Key stage 3 follow the Cambridge Curriculum. This leads to an intensive, but rewarding study programme, which starts in Key Stage 4 and ends with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education from Cambridge International Examinations in Grades 10 and 11. Students are given the opportunity to continue to Grade 12 where they can take the AS and A-Level Course, also offered by Cambridge International Examinations. 

We believe in providing a caring and trusting environment which will honor the diversity of our school. We provide students further opportunities to explore and participate in many events and activities that occur throughout the year. 

Mr. Rajiv Jethiji 

Head of Boys’ Secondary School 

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