Our Facilities

Multi-purpose Hall 

The air-conditioned, spacious state -of-the-art multi-purpose hall is an excellent indoor space used for whole grade assemblies, sport activities and production practices. These events happen all throughout the year. 

Play areas 

Our primary school has two good sized covered grass field areas and 1 massive uncovered grass area. It also has two covered play areas full of a variety of play structures. We also have an indoor play areas which allows for an extension of class-based activities  

Class Rooms 

All the Class rooms are equipped with interactive Clever Touch boards, internet connection and cubbies to store school bags and packed lunches. 

Music and Art Rooms 

Our primary school has a well-equipped Art room and separate Music rooms. Students in every grade take part in art and music and we use it as an opportunity to develop their artistic and musical side.  

Science Laboratories 

Our primary school has 3 well-equipped Science Laboratories that are used to teach both the practical and theoretical components of the science subjects.  

Computer Laboratories 

Our primary school has three computer laboratories both with high quality internet connection and Clever Touch interactive boards.  


A love of reading is encouraged from a very young age, so our primary school has two well-resourced libraries stocked with books catering to all age groups.  

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