International Award

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for young people.

Without a doubt, the skills that young people learn in preparation for their expedition such as first aid, preparing and cooking their own food, finding shelter from the elements and navigating their way across wild country are powerful life skills that they and others will benefit from for the rest of their lives. But that is only a small part of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award experience; it is on the expedition itself when you are responsible for your own welfare or the lives of fellow team members that you will confront your own personality and come to really know yourself.

It will also provide young people with the opportunity to value contributions of others and discover the power of camaraderie. These experiences are life-changing and they will discover strengths they never knew that they had to overcome challenges and adversity while developing a willingness to step into the unknown. This is the true spirit of adventure that keeps all adventurers coming back for more. Dare to dream, fight to make your dreams come true."

Ray Mears
Survival Expert

My experience with the International Award has been life-changing. It is a test of grit, physical and mental resilience, and durability. It has also been a great incentive to chase new goals, learn a new skill, become fitter, and help the community.

Omar Albayaa
Head Boy 2016-2017

The Team

Award Coordinators

  • Liam Cronin
  • Leeba George

Award Leaders

  • Matthew McColl
  • Edward Prinsloo
  • David Rooney
  • Maya Arun
  • Parita Joshi
  • Patrys De Groot

Award Supervisors

  • Dara Devereux
  • Carmelina Fernandes

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