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Headmaster's Office

Mr. J. Calafato
Mr. Asif Mehmood
Deputy Headmaster
Mr. Suleman Afzal
Executive Assistant to the Headmaster

Human Resource

Mr. Zakaria Mirbaher
Human Resource Coordinator

Accounts Payable/Recievable

Mr. Farhan Ilyas
Finance Manager 
Mr. Taiyeb Mohammad
Senior Accountant 

Heads of Schools

Ms. Alison Stewart
Head of Primary School,
Main Campus

Ms. Abigail Olubuyide

Asst.Head of Primary School

Mr. Rajiv Jethiji
Head of Boys Secondary School

Mr. Dara Devereux

Asst.Head of Boys Secondary School

Ms. Surita Burman

Head of Girls Secondary School




School Counselors

Ms. Roxanne Wolmarans
Counselor-Primary School

Ms. Cabriere Jordaan

Mr. Louis Fourie
Counselor-Boys Secondary School
Ms. Shiva Otim
Counselor-Girls Secondary School

Student Registration and Admissions

Ms Sana Bakeer
Registrar and Senior Counselor
Mr. Mathew Peter
Admissions Assistant Officer


Mr. Usman Afzal
Transport Incharge


Mr. Vijay Philip
Examinations Officer,

Queries, Suggestions or Comments on the Website

Mr. B. Mughal
I.T. Manager

Heads of Departments

Mr. M. Al Shoubaki
Head of Arabic & Islamic
Mr. Asad Iftikhar
Head of ICT
Mr. Andy Cheung
Head of Art and Design
Mr. Mark Wright
Head of Physical Education
Asst.Head of Physical Education

Mr. Kasim Hollins

Activities Coordinator

Ms. Kelley Ann Gallimore
Head of Humanities

Mr. Shawn Khursheed
Head of English

Ms. Stephanie Hallam
Asst.Head of English Language
Asst.Head of English Literature

Ms. Leeba George
Head of Maths
Asst.Head of Maths

Mr. Ravi Varma

Head of Science

Asst.Head of Science

Mr. Jehangir Ibrahim
Head of Business Studies

Heads of Years

Ms. Taiba Hussain
Head of Year Kg1
Ms. Natalie
Head of Year Kg2
Ms. Calire McLaughlin
Head of Year Grade 1
Ms. Sanober Adil
Head of Year Grade 2
Ms. Deirdre Vermulen
Head of Year Grade 3

Ms.Junainah Ahingwah
Head of Year Grade 4

Ms. Tanita McCarthy
Head of Year Girls Grades 5 & 6

Mr. Walter Mendoza

Head of Year Boys Grades 5 & 6

Mr. Aamir Mahmoud
Head of Year Boys Grade 7
Head of Year Grade 7 Girls 

Ms. Rizwana Javed

Head of Year Grade 8 Girls

Mr. Orlando Monchez
Head of Year Boys Grade 8

Ms. Andrea Barret
Head of Year Girls Grade 9

Mr. Adeel Khaliq
Head of Year Boys Grade 9

Ms. Vasiliki Sioziou
Head of Year Girls Grade 10

Mr. Peter Boyd
Head of Year Boys Grade 10

Ms. Maya Arun
Head of Year Girls Grade 11 & 12


Mr. Terence Dever
Head of Year Boys Grade 11 & 12

Telephone Numbers, Postal Address

Main Campus

Email :

Telephone No : +971-6-5062999

Fax No : +971 6534 6363