Headmaster's Message

Message from the headmaster

Welcome to our website,  which has been purposely designed to give you an insight into our community, as we believe that Wesgreen International School is not just any other school, but a place which our students call their "second home".

Wesgreen International School was founded in Sharjah in 1991 and offers an adapted Cambridge Curriculum. Our students enjoy state of the art facilities on four separate campuses and diversity is tangible, as our student body boasts of over sixty - two nationalities with staff representation from thirty - two countries. This diversity ensures a truly international experience for our students, who are immersed in the learning process through a rich repertoire of ideas and experiences for the enrichment of the mind and body.

Wesgreen International School offers primary and secondary education, leading up to the prestigious IGCSE and AS / A Level Cambridge Examinations. Our students are encouraged to attain success through a broad-based education system, which emphasizes on character building, leadership qualities, development of life skills, acquisition of knowledge,  analytical thinking skills and technology, to better equip our students to face the challenges of a fast-paced and rapidly changing world. A wide range of sporting programmes, participation in the performing arts and community service programs are also an integral part of our curricula.

Wesgreen International School strongly supports the values, traditions and culture of the UAE. We want our students to respect and be sensitive to all, regardless of different religious beliefs and stations in life. We promote peace, harmony, and enlightenment to counter the scourge of ignorance and blind prejudice.

The Arabic Language and Islamic Studies program at our school is one of our strong points and designed to enhance the learning experience of our students. The teaching of the aforementioned subjects, at our school, is further complemented by the presence of clubs and social events that enable students to participate in enjoyable hands-on activities to augment the knowledge gained in the classroom.

I hope that as you browse through our website, new doors will open for you, which will help you to find the best educational facility for your precious possessions. Should you have any queries, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

J. Calafato
Headmaster, Wesgreen International School